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How everything started
We are a middle-class company that is working in an environmental friendly way. For us the benefit of mankind and animals and the preservation and revitalization of nature is always in the first place.
Due to own needs and sensible awareness we developed and manufactured filter systems for cars already 15 years ago. The drivers were strained by exhausts and other environmental pollution in their vehicles. Our filters protected people in their cars against strains which means all kinds of air pollution that are being drawn in the inner room by the blower. Although clean air is absolutely necessary for concentration at places of work (in the car, too) we have not been taken serious by the automobile industry at this time. By the help of different media and exhibitions such as the "German Day of Allergic People" in Bonn and the "AMA" in Stuttgart, we drew the attention to our filters. Being pressurized Daimler-Benz worked on our filter systems. They have been tested and got a works release. A worldwide publication was following.
We personally were just as healthy or ill as 90 % of the western population had been at this time. We were continuously tortured by colds, back aches, headaches, joint-pains, winds, chronic stomach-pains, sleeping disorders etc. As most of the other people we, too, have tried to abandon them by taking medicine.

First experiments with balls
While we were constructing a record-player we discovered - by accident - that the storing of the turntable on balls had an extreme improvement of sound as a result and this was made audiable. We simply put our sewing machines on top of some ball elements as we had an enormous consumption of needles during the production of our active coal filters. If we needed 20 needles before we only needed one single needle now.
We came to the conclusion that whatever is good for machines can also help us - and so we put our beds on top of ball elements. We immediately felt the effectiveness of the ball elements. We slept better, were more rested and the back-aches disappeared. Based on this success we took two wooden discs and placed some ball elements in-between them. We put our food on top of this construction.
Uncountable experiments had been necessary till we succeeded and the quality of the food on top of the shelves - with those ball elements - was improving: Even people with an allergy against certain kinds of food were able to eat food they had an allergical reaction to, without the usual negative reactions.

The Transformer
With every single use of our transformer there were such positive results, that we applied for a patent on it. And it was permitted without any problems. The press, radio and TV (RTL and Sat1) became aware of us and reported about us and our transformers.

Increased Sensitization
The regular use of our transformers brought us physical healing and increased sensitization towards environmental strains. We felt very quickly the big strain caused by electonic smog of the storage heaters in our house. Especially during winter months I was regularly tortured by cardiac rhythm disorders, caused by this increased electronic smog.
My husband who was working in the electronic sector tried to abandon this problem by isolation and switching off (that means stopping the electricity flow within the wires) - but unfortunately without any success. Even the earthing of the house to a positive place on the estate was crowned with only little success. I could write a book to count all the things that have been tried.

Contact with the manufacturer of the energy products
It happened that "Stereo-Play" published an article about our transformers in the december edition 1993. We had placed at "Stereo-Play’s" disposal some transformers for testing. They were placed underneath some speakers and brought out an undreamed of musical sound experience. "Stereo-Play" recommended these transformers as a special christmas gift.
The manufacturer of the energy products distributed by us also read that article at that time. He contacted us and he gave us valuable tips to optimize our transformers. As a result we immediately changed the transformers - and those are working now considerably better and faster.

First contact with the energy-products
We got to know his energy products and the effects were beyond our wildest dreams. As a sensitive person I could immediately understand the effect of the products. The Water Purifier that we had fixed to our water pipes made the water softer an freed from negative effects. Especially remarkable was, that after the installation of Net Filters and Energy Regulators the problem due to electronic smog caused by the storage heaters was abandoned completely (cardiac rhythm disorders disappeared completely).
With Air Purifiers in our rooms cigarette smoke dissolved very quickly and the distinguishing odors in the mornings - in a flat of smokers - were not any longer noticeable (the same with cloths).
Our heating costs were drastically reduced, as we could reduce the ventilating of our flat to a minimum. In addition there was not any longer any strain caused by electronic smog, radio waves and other environmental influences.

High regard
That is how we got to know the energy products that are restoring a natural balance. Our life has achieved a never known life quality. And we do not ever again want to give it up. It seemed to be a miracle that there is existing such a man who developed and manufactures these products. And we were allowed to meet him and we got the chance to distribute these products. We have already been able to help many people to a obtain an improved life quality.

Basic principles and guidelines of our company

people, animals and nature are always in the first place
products are for the preservation and revitalization of the environment
extensive service
use of materials that are not polluting the environment respectively that can be recycled at least partially through us
environmental friendly production, little consumption of energy and resources (electricity, water etc.)
extremely long life of our products
easy and quick installation (for everybody) - easy handling of our products
autarkical working and maintenance-free products. Therefore no following costs
Special cost-performance ratio (plenty of performance for little money)
Rented products can be returned if you do not want to use them any longer

We are wishing for you that you will be able to understand and use for yourself the uniqueness and the high balance of our products. As by using our products your life quality is able to improve considerably - and your personal development can be supported to an incredible extend.

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