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In public smoking is often judged as being particularly negative. But tobacco is even more favorable for the body in mass consumption than alcohol.

Nowadays tobacco is scarcely grown in an ecological way and it is treated with pesticides, too. That is why the quality of tobacco leaves a great deal to be desired. There are still many people who are smoking. This is the reason why the Tobacco Purifier was designed.

Our Tobacco Purifier puts the tobacco into a better condition and fills it with more energy. For that reason the body, spirit and soul will be able to reduce the damaging effects to a minimum (should there still be any damaging substances).

The drying out of prepared cigarettes is affecting the body even worse than fresh tobacco. That is why we recommend to roll the cigarettes yourself from fresh tobacco.

Our Tobacco Purifier is one of the few products that cannot be rented but can only be bought.

Some advantages of the Tobacco Purifier:

no coughing when smoking
no stimulation of throat caused by tobacco
tastes more mellow and more beneficial
tobacco is lighter but still more aromatic
health disorders caused by smoking are reduced to a minimum
can be used with all sorts and forms of tobacco

Tobacco Purifier93,00 DM
All prices are inc. VAT, plus postage and packing.

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