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So far manufacturers of motors are not able to conceive a motor in such a way that it guarantees an optimal burning of the fuel. If there was such a possibility the car would achieve a physically and energetically good condition. The Fuel-Burning-Regulator (F. B. R.) changes the complete burning process.

This is effecting the whole vehicle, as the motor in a car, lorry or in a bus is the most important component of the vehicle. It is taking place a change into a balanced condition.

The energetical condition of the vehicle (well-being of the passengers etc.) and the physical aspect is taken to considerable changes during this process.

The whole vehicle and the road performance changes. You should allow a positioning time of up to 2.000 km. Later on you might have the impression that you are driving in a comfortable car. Driving without stress is becoming every day life. And during your journey you will in any respect feel protected, safe and well watched-over.

possible changes:

Motor is running more quiet and more regular
Better cooperation of the single cylinders (harmony)
-cylinder is running like a 6-cylinder, 6-cylinder is running like a 8-cylinder motor
Reacts with an improved torque within the lower r.p.m. range
If necessary it rotates more willingly to the limit
Steering mechanism balances better round the center line
Every single shock absorber works on its own but is as well interacting with all the others
During winter the motor gets warm more quickly and in summer the cooling is improved
The sound of the exhaust is becoming darker
Complete response characteristics of the breaks are changing drastically
Improvement of the personal feeling safe
All strains are cut back to zero even during longer journeys
Form and color of the vehicle are changing (more fluent lines, brighter colors, the vehicle seems to be freed from an invisible gray)
The whole vehicle becomes more compact - it seems to be a single unit
Your will be able to close the doors more easily, richer sound
Even after a short period of the vehicle's strongest strain peace is returning almost at the same moment you are changing to a more quiet driving style (no stress loading)
durch bereits enterdete Grundkonstruktion jetzt völlige Entfaltung der Körper-, Geist- und Seeleverbindung.
More concentrated driving without effort while better perception of the surrounding

This F. B. R. is offered for both petrol and diesel engines.


There are similar Burning Regulators for heating facilities.

Supplementary products for cars:

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