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In general liquid manure is polluted with harmful substances and therefore can only partially be used by the farmer. The liquid manure also requires a steady movement to achieve an even consistency. The spreading of liquid manure is often bound to plenty of work and bother. The fields are polluted additionally by liquid manure most of time and the natural balance is being spoilt.

By using our Liquid Manure Purifier the steady mixing of liquid manure is put away. A transformation of the liquid manure is taking place. The liquid manure is enriched by oxygen and it is becoming homogen. Therefore an easy spreading is made possible. In addition liquid manure becomes almost odorless.

The Liquid Manure Purifier reduces the harmful substances to a minimum and therefore liquid manure can be used partially again as a fertilizer. This helps that the fields are not polluted that much. And the quality of the products could be improved again.

Transformation process is accelerated
Liquid manure can be used again partially as a fertilizer
Extreme reduction of odor
You could spread up to double the amount as usual
Fields are able to get back to an ecological balance
Improved and easier spreading of liquid manure

Should the animals are being offered purified water, the liquid manure could of course be considerably improved, too, from the beginning.

As a fertilizer the spreading - even of Purified Liquid Manure - in the fields is still not the best solution. We know that Purified Water and Energetic Fertilizer are the optimal solution at the moment.


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